About us

Africa Unmasked is a cognitive movement based in Africa, established to deliberate on current affairs in relation to gender issues, health, education, governance; economics and identity. Our aim is to enable Africans to help themselves by taking a holistic approach to African problems. We encourage dialogue among Africans from all walks of life with the express aim to facilitate interdependence amongst African states.


  • To provide a platform for African citizens to debate on various problems facing African countries and providing solutions for them.


    • A borderless Africa with home-grown solutions.

About the Founder

Rhulani Thembi Siweya is passionate about issues relating to the development of Africa. She is a former student leader and currently a youth activist in her country South Africa and around the continent.

She has weekly radio slots where she articulates issues of gender parity; youth participation in politics and business; women empowerment initiatives as well economic and political stability throughout the African continent. She also writes opinion articles for several publications throughout the continent examining current issues.

Rhulani is a former public servant who used to work in the field of communications with a specific focus on publishing. This is where she developed the idea of a platform that can facilitate dialogue throughout the continent as a way of empowering each other. She is also a student of the Thabo Mbeki Leadership Institute at the University of South Africa.