Call for International Solidarity


The Mozambican Youth Organization (OJM), extends his warm comradely greetings to you and your organization, who are fighting for the Independence and Justice of the World. 

Mozambique has been hit by cyclone IDAI, characterized by heavy rains and winds accompanied by severe thunderstorms, and hundreds of people may have died as a result of this natural disaster, bringing floods, destroying roads and cutting communications. For the time being, the number of confirmed fatalities is in more than 200, but can reach the thousand, because the searches continue and the situation is catastrophic. It was decreed national mourning of 3 days and National Emergency in Mozambique.

The Mozambican Youth Organization, the youth wing of the FRELIMO party, and the whole country, have been monitoring the situation with increased attention. There is a great movement of national and international solidarity in the rescue of the victims and support in food, clothing, health care, shelter for victims.

We consider that the known and potential damages of this cyclone will, to a great extent, recede the steps that our country and young people have been giving to the nation, for the well-being of Mozambicans. OJM, since taking charge of this reality that threatens the central zone of the country, has joined the government of Comrade President FILIPE JACINTO NYUSI, in intensifying the campaigns of mobilization and sensitization of the communities, in order to reduce their vulnerability, and in this great movement of solidarity.

In this moment of imminent seizure and risk, OJM appeals to all youth organizations and friends around the world to join the movement of solidarity with the victims of this natural disaster in Mozambique, the 1 million inhabitants, mostly children, women, youth and the elderly, need our material and human support and support.

We call for an international solidarity with the people of Mozambique.

For more information, donations and support please contact:OJM- International relations department
Frelimo Street nº 147 – 7andar
Maputo – Mozambique
Email: [email protected] Celphone: +258843894657 / +258849589830
The Secretary GeneralMety Gondola


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